Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thank You Post

(This post is WAY overdue. I’ve had the ‘Thank Yous’ written and the pictures laying around since the end of March. I’ve just been incredibly slow in getting the rest of it written and posted.)
'Ello, everyone! Today, instead of posting nails, I'll be showing off my giveaway prizes I won from the ColorMeSoCrazy’s 1000 Follower Make Me Pretty Giveaway as well as saying a BIG, BIG thank you to the lovely ladies who provided the goodies for my prize pack.
First off, congratulations to ColorMeSoCrazy on getting herself 1000 followers! She works hard for her blog and certainly deserves all the love she gets. Go show her some more!
Next up, a humongous thank you to Elizabeth from Polished Petite! She was the main sponsor for my prize and I love everything that she provided. And my sister loved the extra candy she provided. Haha. Anyway, I’ll be going into more detail about the gifts down below. In the meantime, go check her out!
The last person I have to thank is Donna from Working Girl Nails and Sweet Baby. She provided a couple items from her shop. I’ve been using  the cuticle oil she sent before taking photos,holy crab apples, it smells SO FREAKING GOOD. I could just sit around breathing this stuff in for hours. I won’t. But it’s tempting. Mmm, creamy pumpkin. Ahem, onto the links! Go buy some cuticle oil from her and let me know if it’s as heavenly as the one I was sent.
Now onto the prizes!

(Please ignore the showing lightbox.)
These colors are gorgeous and aside from Visions of Love, they are unique to my collection. I’ve used My Favorite Ornament on my toes and they were so sparkly. I don’t usually stare at my feet but while wearing that polish I kept making excuses to peek at them. I have yet to use Visions of Love or I Snow you Love Me.
This cuticle oil smells amazing. Not only does it smell amazing but it also sinks into the skin quickly making it the ideal cuticle oil to use before taking photos. That is important for me since I like to paint my nails and take a photo immediately after they’ve dried. I don’t want to be waiting around for cuticle oil to sink in! I recently ran out of my EOS so I’ve started using the Green Tea Lip Balm and let me just say it is so moisturizing. It also stays on the lips for hours, even through eating and drinking. The only thing I don’t like about it is the smell/taste. But that’s not important.
This little Modella Round Top Bag is really cute, I adore the pattern on it! I haven’t used it yet but I think it’ll be perfect for toting around nail supplies if a friend wants their nails painted or I go on vacation. But it could be used for anything that requires a small bag.
This brush has become my go-to detail clean up brush. I used to use my Kolinsky England brush exclusively but now I’m only using it to clean up the big messes. I highly recommend this little ELF brush!
This little set came at the perfect time. I was about to go onto Amazon and buy a set of curved nail clippers as the rest of my curved nail clippers were super dull and my good quality clippers have a straight edge. The clippers in this set are sharp and make rounded nail maintenance much less of a hassle. I haven’t tried the rest of the tools in the set.
Who doesn’t love candy? Reese’s are the bomb and I admit that it disappeared into my gut soon after I saw it. It was a hardship not to eat it before I took a hasty picture! Haha. My lil’ sister helped me out with the rest of candy. NOM.

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